MotorOn Participant – Nathan

Where are you from? Cwmgiedd.

Q1/ How do you know the Gledhill/Davies Family?

I know Lowri through my wife, Mel, who first saw practice with her as a vet student.  I then became slightly jealous of Bob’s farm machinery collection.

Q2/ What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being told by a farmer that he thought my fencing had been done by a professional….. oh, and my family of course 😉

Q3/ How are you getting involved with the 3 peaks MotorOn challenge?

Through Mel’s work…. that and the fact that I’m always doing slightly silly physical challenges on a bike.

Q4/ What’s your favourite thing to listen to to keep motivated?

Podcasts, mostly cycling and science…. sorry I’m a geek.

Q5/ What influenced you to become involved with MotorOn Cymru?

It’s a great cause that I’m keen to support.

Q6/ What are your top tips when training for an event?

Gradually building the mileage, oh and ideally at least once doing a bike into long walk.

Q7/ If you were cooking dinner for 4 celebrities, who would you invite and what would you cook?

Bob Dylan, Geraint Thomas, Romesh Ranganathan, Greg Davies….. good music, chat about my favourite hobby and amusement from watching Greg set the others tasks (if you haven’t seen Taskmaster yet, do give it a go).  Based on taskmaster whatever I cooked would surely be a mess!

Q8/ What is your biggest fear?

Being made to sing karaoke.

Q9/ What would you sing at karaoke?

Nothing, I would flat refuse (and you might well thank me for it)

Q10/ If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to make any car break down with the power of thought (if you don’t know why, you haven’t cycled on enough roads!).

MotorOn Participant – Nathan
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