MotorOn Participant – Anna James

Where are you from?


Q1. How do you know the Gledhill/Davies Family?

We have been close family friends for years. 

Q2. What is your proudest accomplishment?

Going to live in America last year to study and complete my undergraduate dissertation. 

Q3. How are you getting involved with the 3 peaks MotorOn challenge?

I will be completing the challenge by walking all three peaks. 

Q4. What’s your favourite thing to listen too to keep motivated?

When working out In the gym I love listening to R&B and D&B. While going for walks I enjoy listening to podcasts such as ‘reveal.’ 

Q5. What influenced you to become involved with MotorOn Cymru?

Knowing the Gledhill family well and realising how little information there is available for those being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, I wanted to do all that I could to help. I love any kind of fitness challenge, therefore being able to raise awareness for motor neurone disease as part of completing the challenge drove me to get involved. 

Q6. What are your top tips when training for an event?

I think consistency is important, doing a little bit of training everyday whether that’s doing one day of intense exercise and then taking a day of active rest by going on a small walk or stretching. 

Q7. If you were cooking dinner for 4 celebrities, who would you invite and what would you cook?

Ummm, I would have to invite David Attenborough, Tupac, Michele Obama, Marilyn Monroe. 

Q8. What is your biggest fear?

Being stuck in the middle of the ocean! 

Q9. What would you sing at karaoke?

Beyond, by Leon Bridges. 

Q10. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The power to become invisible.

MotorOn Participant – Anna James
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