MotorOn Participant – Natalie

Where are you from? Originally Yorkshire, however I now live in North Somerset

Q1/ How do you know the Gledhill/Davies Family?

I first met Lowri back in January 2014 when my agility dog, Teek had an injury. It was soon very apparent to me that Lowri was no ordinary vet but in fact a very passionate, dedicated and truly talented one. Through multiple appointments at the SMART clinic I slowly met Lowri’s team and realised what an incredible team they were. In December 2015 I was fortunate to join them and my love for sports medicine and rehabilitation shortly followed. I first met Bob at a works Christmas party in 2015, before I’d started my position at SMART. Bob was the host of the group, ensuring everyone had their glasses full and their tokens ready for the dodgems! 

Q2/ What is your proudest accomplishment?

Following Teek’s injury in 2014 I worked with Lowri and the team at SMART to help him recover and become even stronger and fitter than ever which is where my interest in rehabilitation came from then in May 2016 Teek and I became gold and silver medallists at the World Agility Open champions! 

Q3/ How are you getting involved with the 3 peaks MotorOn challenge?

On the day, I will be climbing the 3 mountains and in between those I will be helping out everywhere and anywhere that is needed! In the lead up Will and I have been managing the social media.

Q4/ What’s your favourite thing to listen to to keep motivated?

I have my playlist which I listened to before I would compete with Teek which top three songs are: Fatboy slim – Right here, right now, Stereophonics – Dakota and The Barden Bellas – Price Tag (if you know that one, you know!)

Q5/ What influenced you to become involved with MotorOn Cymru?

The courageous love Bob, Lowri and Will have shown. Also the realisation that there is such a big void when it comes to Motor Neurone Disease and the knowledge about it.

Q6/ What are your top tips when training for an event?

Make a plan, be prepared and make time – it’s always easy to find time for the things you want to do, but finding time for those things that maybe are not top on your agenda is harder on the day so I schedule things in to my diary in advanced and then there’s no excuse! 

Q7/ If you were cooking dinner for 4 celebrities, who would you invite and what would you cook?

Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield for the laughs! Jamie Dornan, because why not and Alessandro Palazzi because he is the best cocktail maker in the country?!

Q8/ What is your biggest fear?

Xenophobia – the fear of the unknown!

Q9/ What would you sing at karaoke?

Depends on the mood – Tracey Chapman: Fast car is my go to however I think Bryan Adams: Summer of 69 should win!

Q10/ If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To rewind time!

MotorOn Participant – Natalie
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