MotorOn Participant – Katie

Where are you from? I am an American expat from Sterling, Virginia living and practicing veterinary medicine in Cardiff, Wales!.

Q1/ How do you know the Gledhill/Davies Family?

I am currently one of the veterinary surgeons practicing at the SMART Veterinary Clinic.  I had the pleasure of meeting Lowri and her family in the summer of 2018 when I first shadowed Lowri at the SMART Clinic for clinical experience in veterinary canine rehabilitation and physiotherapy.  I had first learned about the SMART Clinic on a holiday trip to Cardiff, Wales in 2014 to visit the Doctor Who Experience (yes you read that correctly).  I fell in love with Wales at first sight.  So on returning home from that trip with a cursory google search of K9 Sports Medicine in Cardiff, I had discovered and followed the Clinic and Lowri’s work ever since.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to return to Wales in 2018 for the clinical experience, working towards my CCRP qualification…and even more ecstatic when that work experience turned into an offer to come and practice in Wales.  Since then Lowri, Bob, and Will have fully embraced the American who calls courgettes zucchini and in a pre-pandemic time preferred fist bumps to high fives.  I cannot thank them enough for their support both professionally and personally.  This journey which now just so happens includes a pandemic has been quite a ride, and I could not imagine navigating this experience without them.

Q2/ What is your proudest accomplishment?

Good question. Probably two things actually. I would have to say my work being published in JAVMA with Dr. Cynthia Otto studying the Search & Rescue Dogs who responded to the 9/11 disaster at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  This was something that defined my growing up and solidified my commitment to go into veterinary medicine.  It also was this experience with Cindy which first nurtured the seed for me to go specifically into Working Dog/Sports Medicine.  And then something that maybe seems a little less exciting, but none the less I’m pretty darn proud of the day I was first able to ride my bike.  Nothing beats the exhilaration of when one first defies gravity, and I’ve never forgotten it.

Q3/ How are you getting involved with the 3 peaks MotorOn challenge?

I am looking to tackle both Cader Idris and Pen-y Fan!

Q4/ What’s your favourite thing to listen to to keep motivated?

Yassss! Awesome question! Fun fact. On my phone I have a playlist titled “Me” which is a compilation of songs that I would consider to be the musical essence of myself that I have collected through the years…probably since high school! It reminds me of where I’ve been, where I am going and how I am always evolving.  So if you see me with headphones on you might find me re-listening to this playlist…or me discovering something new.  This is also what fuels my writing.

Q5/ What influenced you to become involved with MotorOn Cymru?

100% in support of Bob and his family.  Watching Bob train for this event has been inspiring. It makes me take a good look at myself every morning and ask what can I achieve today? What have I been waiting to do? And why haven’t I done that thing yet?  Seeing Bob and his family set to task to tackle this challenge has certainly motivated me.  You all have been reading this blog and watching these updates!  The training and preparation behind this has been insane! But I think what moves me even more about this drive is that Bob has not just taken on board this journey and challenge himself alone.  Which would be a very natural and understandable thing to do.  Instead, he’s found an active way to try to find a way to help the MND journey for others.  That is legacy. And humility. And a greater reach beyond oneself that I think we all can take to heart.  So that’s why I believe in MotorOn Cymru and its message and its aim.

Q6/ What are your top tips when training for an event?

Oh my! I do not know if I have an answer for this one?  Except that I’ve taken the time to look at my strengths and weaknesses.  Drink lots of water. Fuel up correctly. And seek advice from your physiotherapist and trainer!  I’ve been consulting with PhysioSpace physiotherapist, Stephanie Lock to get ready for the big day! And feel the better for it!

Q7/ If you were cooking dinner for 4 celebrities, who would you invite and what would you cook?

I got this question.  Easy. Lin-Manuel Miranda if you are reading this, you are most definitely invited.  I would also LOVE to host Sandra Oh, Daisy Ridley and Jack Black.  I think the five of us at Katie’s Bistro would enjoy a mixed tapas spread.  And tweet about it all night long! Jack Black would definitely bring the Tik Tok element.  It would be a night for the ages!

Q8/ What is your biggest fear?

Tornadoes.  I’m so happy that Wales seems to not know how to conjure circling columns of air.

Q9/ What would you sing at karaoke?

Cue the lights for Katie’s cover of the opening number of Hamilton.  I’ve been waiting for this moment.  Lin are you up for this?

Q10/ If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I would love to fly!

MotorOn Participant – Katie
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